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If you want NextDay, we can save the other items for later. Yes—Save my other items for later. Maybe I should just opt for the FR-2? I think someone had some information from technical support that marantz pmd660 usb that there were differences in the preamps on the and Read the messages above. Also, Marantz just posted the manual and other information for the on their site so I guess the next question is how the preamps on marantz pmd660 usb compare to the other two?

Marantz Professional - PMD

On their web site Marantz states the "mic preamps have been dramatically improved. Does anyone have any experience, which rate is sufficient? I did not find any hints at Marantz or in the user manual. If your application is one marantz pmd660 usb the machine is constantly moving or subject to vibration, then you should buy a compact flash card as opposed to a microdrive.

If you are recording 16 bit Any standard card should be fast enough. And I see that the cheapest Lexar 1GB cards are actually only 4x. Read some of the posts and went out and bought a set of Energizer mAH batteries, and they marantz pmd660 usb not work in my unit.

3ft USB Cable Cord Lead for Marantz PMD Solid State Field Recorder PMD eBay

These are 1. Called tech support and they said that they were getting good results with mAH batteries at 1. Just wondering if everyone out there marantz pmd660 usb using 1.

Thanks Wayne. Alkaline AA batteries are 1. NiMH AA batteries are 1. NiMH tend to maintain there voltage as they discharge. The voltage of alkalines batteries drops i. More information can be found at Greenbatteries. It may be that the batteries are faulty or marantz pmd660 usb to be reconditioned. Buy a decent brand and a good quality recharger i. You should be okay with the Energizer NiMH batteries.

I think Energizer may actually be rebranded batteries marantz pmd660 usb by Sanyo, which is the biggest and most respected NiMH battery maker. Yeah, I went online after my post and saw that there is so such thing as a 1.

Marantz Professional PMD-660K - Portable Compact Flash Digital Recorder ENG Kit

The the guy even went and asked the "battery specialist". But you CAN record into it in a number of formats. Anyone have experience marantz pmd660 usb this machine?

Electronic Musician did marantz pmd660 usb review of the H last year. I came across this too, the review is raving about the unit, then starts complaining about a clunky interface, and occasionally taking minutes to start up?!?!


So, like recording to an iPod, fine for dictation, or recording a lecture or something, but not for sound-quality-critical functions. I too am having some problems with rechargeable batteries not working, still trying to sort it out. I got a 1-gig CF card from Sandisk, and a 2-gig marantz pmd660 usb pq1, which have been marantz pmd660 usb just fine in my I should have said in my first message — thank you Jeff for the site. A colleague spent some time yesterday plugging the and various mics into an oscilloscope, playing tone into it and pretty much baffling me along the way.

But I could understand what it showed about the preamp in the being the weakest component, and the point at which the waveforms had flat tops as they met the preamps headroom limit.How to get your Recorded Audio Files off the Marantz PMD via the USB mode. The PMD records directly onto CF cards.


Recordings. computer by removing the CF card from the PMD or by connecting the PMD to your computer via the. USB port. Audio recorded in the.

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