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Emulex® Drivers Version for Windows

Login to post Please use English characters only. This statistic only increments if the switch is correctly configured for flow control. These drops may be the result of TCP protocol errors or bottlenecks in the system for consuming receive emulex lpx000 fc lan. Interrupt Rate The number of interrupts per second generated by the adapter.

The interrupt rate can be tuned by modifying the Interrupt Moderation parameter. The system may lack sufficient CPU cycles to post receive buffers at the necessary rate. A lot of small packets lead to this behavior on emulex lpx000 fc lan any CPU, since the processing time for small packets is very high in the networking stack.

Using a teaming driver may also lead to this, since it increases the CPU load during receive. However, if the CPU is the limit, increasing the buffer resources does not help because emulex lpx000 fc lan driver cannot post them fast enough. The number of RSS queues can be increased to increase the total number of posted buffers available to the adapter. The transitions to low power C-states may cause a steady trickle of drops due to increased latencies from packet reception until the driver's interrupt processing code is invoked. This may be caused by bottlenecks in either the PCIe bus or main memory.

The performance of the main memory is the other major concern for networking throughput.


For the ideal performance, the same DIMM size must be used in each memory channel to allow perfect memory channel interleaving. Features such as memory sparing or memory mirroring dramatically decrease the memory bandwidth of the system and cause drops. Emulex lpx000 fc lan TCP connection offload is used, enabling flow control may reduce the drops. Alternatively, disabling TCP connection offload may improve performance. In products that expose multiple PCIe functions per Ethernet port, this statistic is only incremented for the lowest PCI function per port since the packet cannot be further classified because of the error. Tunnels allocated Number of interfaces converted to emulex lpx000 fc lan interfaces. Tenants allocated Number of interfaces converted into tenant interfaces. If you performed a standard driver installation, the occfg.


The following text is displayed: OneConnect Network Config 0. Configuration NIC Driver Configuration Running with no arguments will display a menu to select the adapter and parameters to modify. Using the command line arguments allow scripting this process. Options: -a str[,str] Selects all adapters emulex lpx000 fc lan any of the given strings in the connection or device name. If omitted, occfg prompts for an adapter from a list. Show this help.

Refer to ARM firmware for list of modules and debug trace levels. This is a special command argument.

Examples: Run interactively with menus: occfg. The name is a combination of the device manager name for example, Emulex OneConnect OCe and emulex lpx000 fc lan network connection name for example, Local Area Connection. The latter can be modified by using the Windows Network Connections applet ncpa.

Boot for NIC, iSCSI, and FCoE Protocols User Manual

The most typical scenario involves setting parameters to be the same for all ports of a network adapter. It is often convenient to rename the connections to have a common name to easily operate on a group.

Configuring Device Parameters The occfg program is used to query and modify registry parameters for Emulex lpx000 fc lan network devices. The occfg program allows you to modify registry keys on a set of network devices. After the driver is modified, it must be restarted to apply these parameters. In batch mode, occfg automatically restarts the driver when changing a parameter, and in interactive mode there is a menu item to select to restart the driver. This is useful to modify several parameters in sequence, then force a reload of the driver at the end. If the key is optional, the default value may be equivalent to deleting the key. The registry and driver values may differ until the driver is reloaded. If the driver reload fails for any reason such as another application has an open handle to the device driverit may be necessary to reboot the system to apply the registry changes.

For example: occfg. To start this utility in interactive mode: 1.Scroll this Emulex LPX FC LAN page down and find a needed Emulex file for your operating system.

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  • Emulex Drivers for Windows User Manual
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We are constantly updating our software database so. The LAN cable may be faulty. Try using another LAN cable.

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