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If you selected a submenu, now select the subfunction you want using the OSD buttons and in fi g. Set the desired value using the OSD buttons and in fi g. The current settings are automatically belinea 10 20 30w when you return to the previous level or exit the OSD menu.

Repeat steps 2—5 to make further adjustments as needed. The OSD menu automatically disappears if no changes are made for more than 45 seconds default setting. The current settings will be saved. You can close it manually by pressing the button AUTO belinea 10 20 30w fi g.

Figure 4. Contrast: Adjusts screen contrast by using the buttons and in fi g. Text was sharp and crisp, and we had no complaints about the quality of the DVI connection.

BELINEA 10 User Manual

Comparing with other monitors it was a little like the difference between bit and bit colour, though not nearly as extreme. All appearing striking and smooth, with no hint of response time issues and there belinea 10 20 30w detail in dark scenes despite the lack-lustre DisplayMate performance. Playing a fast action game, Counter-Strike: Source, was also a great experience. Xbox images also looked great when belinea 10 20 30w up via component. Shows no sign of doing anything that flat panels do. If you have a decent graphics card, it is simply stunning and I couldn't go back to my CRT.

A mate of mine was actually shocked at how amazing it looked! However, with DVD quality video I do get some pretty bad banding apparently this is to be expected but it is better than my CRT in other ways I do belinea 10 20 30w watch video on my Dell over my CRT, despite the banding, but I can't say it looks brilliant.


Although if looked at closely, the colour palette has a slight bleeding around each colour block. Although this is not very noticeable, and only seen if you look closely. Does not noticeably belinea 10 20 30w towards red or blue! Overall fantastic!


Belinea 10 20 30w on this monitor. There is no noticeable ghosting or any other issues that would affect the game play on any of these games. The games run perfectly at the native res of x and also stretch and fit well with lower widescreen resolutions too. Uniformity test black back ground This image appears completely black in the middle and gets slightly lighter around the edges. The bottom right hand corner is the most noticeably lightest.

Image Clarity I have no problems here… the text is very clear and crisp in belinea 10 20 30w opinion and no one should experience any problems. ClearType, if anything makes the text more unreadable, as belinea 10 20 30w blurs far too much. If you where to play in both without any knowledge of what connection you where playing it on, you would not be able to tell the difference. With regards to the desktop, there is no way anyone could tell the difference! Matrix movie trailer This was exceptional! The trailer really jumped out at me and looked really, really clear and crisp. I watched it 3 times to carefully examine the movie and I did not notice ONE instance of ghosting or smearing.

Even stretched fully to x this trailer looked good… slight blurring, but that can be expected I suppose.

Overall this was very impressive! Oddly the blacks on the DVD where fine! If you like watching movies then I can not recommend this monitor enough… I am still honestly quite shocked how good they looked". This success comes from combined sales with computers, but also from monitors with extremely attractive designs and much higher than average ergonomics for example, this one has video inputs.LCD monitor / TFT active matrix. Brightness, contrast, H/V position, color balance, color temperature, belinea 10 20 30w, clock.

Belinea 10 20 30W - LCD monitor - " Specs - CNET

English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Dutch. USER MANUAL. LCD-Monitor. Belinea 10 20 30 W. BELINEA PREMIUM SERVICE. English. The three-year return to base warranty for your Belinea monitor.

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