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Not that I'll ever need to have it that high. Also the stuttering actually happens even if Sonar is not running, so it's definitely all to do with either the GearBox software or the Tone Port device itself. As I said above though, I am starting to think it's just my fault for having the output knob so high. If I turn that down a bit and use the software to boost the volume, it is still very loud and yet it's perfect and no stuttering. So maybe I should just do that. M Thanks : I think maybe my pickups line 6 ux1 asio slightly quieter than some guitars. The volume is ok, and with that little boost button enabled it is really loud now. So I don't need to put the Output knob all the way up anymore. I would love to know if yours stutters too though, when you put the output knob all the way up.

It's ok if you don't want to risk damage or anything, but if you have already tried it or something, and you hear stuttering with that on full, please let me know.

It's ok if you don't want to risk damage or anything, but if you have already tried it or something, and you hear stuttering with that on full, please let me know. I won't need to do that any more, but I would like to know that it's just a line 6 ux1 asio thing and not just something with my UX1. Hi Telove, glad to hear you're getting there.

IK Multimedia • Cant set to asio [Resolved]

Still, it's good you're up and ready to record again. I dunno.

But I'll likely plug in tonight, so I'll give line 6 ux1 asio a whirl and let you know. So I'd love to know if this is just something that happens to a UX1 when you crank all the volumes, or if there is some issue with mine. Telove, I cranked it up last night, had the Output as high as it would go. I got some hum, a little crackle, but no sputtering or stuttering. Of course, I'll never have to crank it uo that high to record anyway. Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. AkiraSpectrumOct 16, I also own Sonar and the line 6 UX1 works great with it.

Find More Posts by ivansc. Send a private message to Winfield. Find More Posts by Winfield. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Excellent product, only let down by poor instructions which make it difficult to get it correctly setup.

The trick is to use this box as your computer sound card with the PC speakers or headphones plugged into the Ux1's headphone output and there will be no line 6 ux1 asio latency. POD farm is easy to use and includes loads of amp simulations and effects and with some tinkering it is possible to get a passable valve amp sound line 6 ux1 asio least at low volumes. This is good for both recording and for low volume home practice.

Would anyone be able to help me with my Line 6 Tone Port UX1 please?

There are also some useful vocal pre-amps and effects included. Here are the pictures of errors:. In my situation, I only have a small practice amp, and can't really afford a good traditional guitar amp, so recording it directly isn't an option. I also wanted some line 6 ux1 asio of portability, which is why I wanted an external box.

I also happen to like the POD Farm "sound". Yes, it is different from traditional rigs, but I've been happy with the sound I get from it. I'd be happy to transpose the screenshots and various information from the Line 6 forum if line 6 ux1 asio would also make it easier for this forum to assist. Thanks a million in advance! I'm sure yall have the answer here, and it seems like a very patient crowd of helpers here as well.The problem then becomes that the ASIO4ALL driver doesn not recognize/ support the 4 inputs/sends availabel from the UX1 so using it.


Sound card Line 6 UX1 - I can not open more than one program (guitar rig, amplitube 4, ravelver, etc.). I run these programs, select the ASIO.

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