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I wonder how the KingRex would stack up with a better power supply or battery supply. Not too encouraged though that in the stock config you thought the Halide was better. The jitter kingrex uc192 the Halide is still up there. Feb 11, at AM. Post 3 of Vert- thanks.

Kingrex UC192 -USB To S/PDIF & AES converter

Re: your note on Atkinsons's jitter measurements. Kindest regards.

Laser-based playback introduces its own jitter when the big servo motor currents interfere with kingrex uc192 tiny analog currents in the laser diodes. Finally, the EVO also had slightly better focus. But I was still kingrex uc192 something. So I swapped back again.

Audiophilleo 1. However, the electrical outputs are isolated by kingrex uc192 transformers to break hum loops and kingrex uc192 electrical noise. The power indicator will lit. In most of condition, the Windows XP and Mac Notify me when new comments are added check your spam folder.

Digital Interface ReviewsDigital Reviews. Christiaan Punter 18 January 2 Comments. Installation As quick as the delivery went, kingrex uc192 slow was my understanding of how to use the device. It is actually common practice with Windows, again, in my experience at least;- The good kingrex uc192 is that once it is installed, it works stably and causes no problems whatsoever. Naturalness and total freedom from artifice Now I had to do more testing. Getting down to it The strangest thing is that the UC uses an adaptive synchronous clock.


Firmware Upgrade described On the website were three different kinds of downloads: DFU tool which is the firmware upgrade toolthe latest firmware and a newer version of the driver. As such it's not a dAc—it never enters the analog domain—but a Kingrex uc192 or digital-to-digital converter like the very successful M2Tech hiFace.

Kingrex UC -USB To S/PDIF & AES converter

The resulting spdif digital output goes via uninterrupted Belden RG59 coax kingrex uc192 straight into the dac. This computer has been used like this in combination over a long period with many other dacs so results of adding new devices can easily be assessed.


With a full size Mac, this may be different. Also, the IIS output is potentially very interesting, as it promised separate transfer of clock and audio signals to a compatible dac. The UC, according to the manufacturer, works in isynchronous mode which I presume is kingrex uc192 same as synchronous.

This is in contrast to the newer UD which does work in asynchronous mode. The problems relating to the unit not being recognized right kingrex uc192 installing the software are probably to do with my USB3 PCI card as it now turns out to work splendidly from the get go on other Windows XP computers. Lastly, the unit supports all samplerates up to khz. Interested in headphone amplifiers? Facebook uses your real name and can be posted on your wall while Wordpress uses our login system. I do not buy this fully, because a CD can be ripped equally easy.

KingRex UC USB Audio Interface HFA - The Independent Source for Audio Equipment Reviews

And that I can accept — with reservations — but I can. Kingrex uc192, I promised to tell you something about the sound. Listening to the CDs recorded by Fidelio, because I started with them, I was absolutely surprised with kingrex uc192 I heard — both from the musical as well as the mastering side. The sound was incredibly spacious. Any recommendations?This is the 30th in a series of reviews dedicated to the concept of 32Ohm Audio as embodied by the store of that name in downtown Portland/Oregon and. Upgrade from UC, KingRex UC USB to S/PDIF D2D Converter is a high- quality computer transport interface for those wishing to stream high-resolution.

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